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About us

Our project

Faunandflo, a project to discover the animal kingdom where the great species of the burning deserts and the sea depths materialize into objects for furniture.

A zoo with no bars or cages, of animals designed and handcrafted without the use of the computer.

Small creations, made entirely by hand in the ceramic district of Nove (Vicenza), which lend themselves to the most unthinkable uses: flower and plant holders, jugs or pocket emptier.

Alfredo, the designer

Creative designer and illustrator. At the end of the 80's founded Chiaramonte Marin Studio. One day talking with Andrea he started dreaming up animals and he just drew them. Later they became true interior objects.

Andrea, the daydreamer

Managing director of Crescente Interni and editor in chief of Croissant Design. His alter ego is known as Mr. C a fictional superhero.
One day he said to Alfredo: "How about creating beautiful and original objects that can contain flowers and plants but not only?"